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Why My Dinner Book?

My Dinner Book is designed especially for anyone who likes receiving guests, loves good cooking and good food. With this book you can capture all your meals and save them as special memories. The tasteful booklet gives an overview of where, when, with whom, and especially what was eaten. Through  the app for iPhone you can track dinner memories digitally and share with family and friends. Eating together has never been such fun! 

Users about My Dinner Book

Great food and pleasant guests! With My Dinner Book, all the memories remain extremely vivid.

Annemarie Haug, Den Haag

Thanks to a tip in My Dinner Book my dishes became even tastier and my guests ask me when they may come back to dinner.

Gert Scholtes, Voorburg


A good dinner deserves a lasting memory

A cozy meal, enjoyable stories and smiling faces. How fun is it to not be forgotten by capturing them in My Dinner Book. Experience how My Dinner Book is a great inspiration to prepare again and again delicious and original meals. My Dinner Book is for hobby chefs and for all those who like good food. So basically for all of us!

My Dinner Book