About My Dinner Book

My Dinner book.com is a unique concept for hedonists all over the world. It fits perfectly with the many cooking programs, proving that good food enjoys plenty of attention. The total package of My Dinner Book is a book, a website and an app. This allows you the register the extraordinary details of your dinners. It also provides the opportunity to indicate which wines turn your dish to perfection and to write down tips and comments from your guests. Eventually you will have a full list of cooking moments. My Dinner Book provides years of enjoyment! in the My Dinner Book iPhone app you can register your meals, the wines that were served and other data. Information accessible through the iPhone app anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. Convenient if you are in a store. Soon there will be printing possibilities for great recipes and beautiful menus. Keep an eye out for My Dinner Book!

You can give My Dinner book as a present at a private dinner or business dinner. Nice if you are having dinner with friends and family or as an original present for corporate clients. But of course you can also just use the book as a personal reference book. My Dinner Book can be ordered right here. For only € 14.95 it shines in your kitchen too! The book is available in English/French.